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The Structure and Principle and Application of Wire Strippers
Author : Wain Tools Date : 2017-8-13 16:53:03

Ancient Greece physicist Archimedes said the words "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." This sentence is the best analysis of lever principle. The lever principle was applied to variety of hand tools such as adjustable wrench, box end wrenches, combination pliers and wrecking bars, to save the user’s  strength. Wire stripper also make a better use of lever principle. Wire strippers is consisted of cutting blade, stripping teeth, and comfort grip handle. We, wain tools, make a lot of research on wire strippers. We can provided not only various of wire strippers products to our customer, but also good insulation and anti-rust measures our products have.

When stripping wires,  the user needs to hold the wire strippers grips to press wire by the suitable stripping teeth tightly, for purpose of stripping wire insulation layer through stripping teeth blade. Wire stripper is common tools for repairing motor, electric circuits of automobile and home electronic appliance. It is made of No. 45 carbon steel, its construction body is made of Q235 steel, the handle is used with polyethylene plastic. The whole products was stamped, heat treated with black finish surface. This polymer material is very stable, good durability. The materials also determines the hardness of the stripper, the general hardness of wain’s wire strippers is within 45 to 52 HRC. The insulation of handle can assure safety operation at voltages less than 500V. For our model number WN-8102, It is  professional wire stripping tool, it is multi-functional tool which can used for stripping A.W.G 6 to 22 wire and cutting wires.

The use of wire strippers should pay attention to below four points:

Firstly, please select the appropriate wire strippers according to wire gauge and wire diameter  because we have the variety of wire strippers. The application wire gauge for each model will be marked on wire stripper body by laser on American wire gauge, and metric wire gauge and standard wire gauge separately.

Secondly, make the prepared wire cable in the middle of cutting blade, and then choose the appropriate stripping teeth and stripping length for wire cables.

Thirdly, hold the grips of  wire strippers tightly,and put forth your strength to move wire cable to striping wire cable insulation layer slowly.

Finally, release the tool grip handle, and then remove the wire cable, and ensure the exposed wire cables strands neatly, and the unstripped wire’s insulated layer undamaged.

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