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China Hand Tools Occupy World Market
Author : Wain Tools Date : 2017-8-26 9:52:00
Shanghai, China, 2017, Aug. 26.- According to China Customs statistics, the representative of China hand tools products such as wrenches, pliers, saws are still enjoyed oversea purchaser’s favorite, increased by 20% during long periods, that reflects hand tools produced by China factories are occupying more bigger market share in international market. The export volume of small electronic tools, gardening tools, tools set had been remained increasing than before. That is indicating the demands of hand tools have not been reduced due to the impact of financial crisis in European and  American market because that is DIY  consumption.
It is worthwhile reviewing the import side. Although the biggest wenches, and pliers factories in the worlds are in China, these two type of products are still imported amounted to 150 million US dollars. Measuring tools is even so, although China have a group of leading enterprises for measuring tools in Zhejiang province. The export volume of measuring tools were 890 million US dollars, the growth rate reached 50%, while imported measuring tools reached 2.763 billion US dollars, maintaining a high growth rate of 26.4. The trade deficit of measuring tools reached 1.776 billion US dollars in the entire hardware, and hand tools industry which is very rare.
The professional from hand tools think China is the biggest hand tools production base in the world, but the export hand tools are OEM, most of imported hand tools are actually manufactured by domestic enterprises, After foreign enterprise purchases hand tools on their label from china, then the products were returned to sold into China market. Therefore, domestic enterprises need to make efforts on building brands, and sales channel to avoid the production enterprise just earn labor cost  but foreign enterprise make high profits. According to the solution, the enterprise generally reflects there are many order needs to produce, but would like expand the scale of production is difficult due to recruitment difficult. But even so, the profit level of the production enterprises is still very low, with the exception of the profits of a few large enterprises can reach 20%, the majority of corporate profits is below 10%. The boss from hand tools industry generally reflect a problem is that work hard for the whole year but profit is not much. The reason, or because the products price is very low, more companies in the low level homogeneous competition. Lack of brand awareness, and international influence, lack of domestic and international market sales channels, make the majority of companies lack of pricing and market control power in global market .

But in fact, it is also believed by insider that now our enterprise on the exportation only depend on the production scale and OEM business but nor the brand. The sales growth cannot bring the profit growth, which may become a constraint to the development of hand tools industry hidden trouble. In particular, Nowadays Taiwan hand tools, Indian hand tools in the international market competitiveness also push china enterprises lots of pressure.

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