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The Material and Size of Combination Pliers
Author : Wain Tools Date : 2017-8-26 9:38:24

Combination pliers is also called linesman pliers. Linesman pliers is the common clamping tools and cutting tools for home and mechanic use. It is main used for holding and bending thin plate, cylinder metal parts, and cutting iron wires, its side cutting edge can also cutting the finest iron wires .

How many kinds of combination pliers are?

In market, linesman pliers was divided into middle grade, and  high grade. The middle grade indicated that it was made of high carbon steel, which cannot meet ANSI standard. In my experience, the pliers which is carbon steel, can often reach 70% of ANSI standard. Another is made of chrome vanadium steel, or Cr-Ni which is contain the chemical elements of chrome, vanadium, and Nickel to improve cutting performance. On sales price It is the most different from different materials, Cr-Ni combination pliers is the most expensive at USD $3.0-4.0, the chrome vanadium is the second at USD2.0-3.0, the carbon steel is the cheaper almost at USD 1.00.

What is the size of linesman pliers?

The length of combination pliers is 6 In.(160mm), 7 In(180mm),8 In.(200mm). The length of mini combination pliers is 5 In. 7 In. linesman pliers is the common size for user.If you would like choose a suitable linesman pliers, we advise you had better try to clamp and feel linesman pliers you will buy. There is related with length of user's bare hands. 

Categories of combination pliers

There are many kinds of combination pliers, for example, Japanese type combination, American type Combination pliers, European type combination pliers, VDE combination pliers. VDE is the safety approval for 500 voltage insulation by Germany.

Shanghai Wain Tools Trade Co., Ltd. has ten years history on exporting combination pliers with double dipped handle, or double injection handle in China. The products has approved with GS, and VDE certificate.If you need high quality combination pliers, warmly welcome to contact with us.


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